In this great nation of ours, you have the right to be hateful. You have the right to be miserable. You have the right to be ignorant. But you do NOT have the right to legislate your ignorance and force Conduits into a state of second-class citizenship. That is the shameful purpose of Senator Geoffrey Winegard's re-election efforts, and we have dedicated this site to stopping him with the most powerful weapon at our disposal: the truth.

You may be surprised to learn that Winegard doesn’t care one iota about the so-called “bio-terror threat.” No, he just preaches to his pathetic choir to earn votes and, more importantly, campaign contributions. Winegard only bows down to the almighty dollar, and he’d gladly sell out his philosophies to the highest bidder. It just so happens that the highest bidder hates Conduits, and his name is Jonas Petrovich.

Listen to the following audio, but be warned: Winegard’s flagrant avarice is not for the squeamish.

WINEGARD: And what exactly can I do for you, Mr. Petrovich?

PETROVICH: Please, call me Jonas.

WINEGARD: I’d rather not. I’m familiar with your lobbying efforts and I’m not sure I want to be on a first name basis with you.

PETROVICH: Fair enough. But you and I have a common goal.

WINEGARD: And what’s that?

PETROVICH: To demonize the conduits until the general public sees them as a bioterrorist threat.

WINEGARD: How is that beneficial to either of us?

PETROVICH: Because fear breeds action. I stand to profit from it, and you could get reelected.

WINEGARD: Keep talking.

PETROVICH: Let’s say a bioterrorist tried to attack you.

WINEGARD: That’s why I have security.

PETROVICH: I’m speaking in hypotheticals here. Let’s say your constituents were so upset about the failed assassination attempt that they rallied to your cause and flooded the voting booths, sending you back to Washington by a landslide.

WINEGARD: Hmm, I never thought about playing the victim. Are you sure it won’t make me look weak?

PETROVICH: (placating his ego) You? Weak? Impossible! Surviving an assassination attempt makes you a hero.

WINEGARD: So, what are you suggesting?

PETROVICH: Well, I don’t want to tell you how to do your job, but maybe you should resurrect your anti-conduit legislation.

WINEGARD: But that went nowhere fast.

PETROVICH: I’ll help you rewrite it. For starters, they’re “bioterrorists,” not Conduits – strong language from a strong legislator. That’ll fire up your base.

WINEGARD: Base firing up – that’s always good. And what about the bogus assassination story?

PETROVICH: You just play along. I know plenty of people in the media – leave it to us.

WINEGARD: Sounds like a solid plan. Great doing business with you Mr. Pe-- Jonas.

(the two share a satisfied chuckle)

SUBJECT: Sorry about your buddy Petrovich

From: Smitty

To: Sen. Winegard

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Jonas Petrovich just showed up dead in the Crocodile Club. The conditions of his death are shady, at best. Let me know if you need anything.

--Reinholdt “Smitty” Smithson, Chief of Staff

From: Sen. Winegard

To: Smitty

What does this mean for our plan? Petrovich was engineering the fake assassination story brilliantly. I hate to compliment a lobbyist of his predilections, but that guy was a gutter genius.

From: Smitty

To: Sen. Winegard

Well, not to sound too ghoulish, but Jonas’ death plays perfectly into our hand. The supposed threat of bioterrorism just went from theoretical to existential. Voters will eat this up!

From: Sen. Winegard

To: Smitty

Does he have a widow? If so, send her flowers. In the meantime, how do we proceed?

From: Smitty

To: Sen. Winegard

I’ll get right on it senator. I’ve already contacted our media point people and the street teams necessary to manufacture our narrative. They all feel some sort of allegiance to Petrovich – like this will be his swan song or corruption writ large.

From: Sen. Winegard

To: Smitty

Sounds like you’re on the case. Let’s keep communication to a minimum and move forward as planned.